Radiodiffusion Internasionaal Annexe

Koffi Ottytana Bebli
January 30, 2022, 1:00 am
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This is one of those records that I had been searching for forever. I was under the impression that Koffi Ottytana Bebli was from Ghana since the only tidbit of information listed on this single is that it was recorded at Ghana Films Studios Accra. But, according to an Instagram post by Hot Casa Records, he was from neighboring Togo and currently lives in Paris. This single was his only known recoding.

Catalog number AD 046 on Afro-Disc of Creteil, France. No release date listed.

Siagbo Dieudonne Eddie
June 24, 2008, 7:33 pm
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What little I do know about Siagbo Dieudonne Eddie is that he was from the small African nation of Togo. Also, El Rego et Ses Commandos de Cotonou from neighboring Benin were his backing band. And I have seen one other record that he release on his own label…But that’s it.

If you have any further information, please contact me.

Catalog number 002 SDE Records of Lomé, Togo. No release date given.