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The Bugs
November 23, 2008, 9:40 am
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Theme from “Do Raha”

Where as the music of Bollywood has only just started to break into the mainstream here in The West, the music of Pakistan’s film industry – sometimes referred to as “Lollywood” – is often overlooked. Much like their neighbors in India, the music plays a significant part of the film.

After the partition of India, the city of Lahore was the only film production center in the newly-founded Pakistan. The first film was titled Teri Yaad, and was released on August 7th, 1948. Since then, film production studios have been opened in the cities of Karachi and Peshawar.

The film Do Raha was originally produced in 1952, and then remade in 1971 with a new score from Sohail Rana – although all of the information that I have been able to find (other than what is printed on the label of this record) says that duo of Sapan Chakraborty and Jagmohan Bakshi scored the film and that the film was supposedly produced in India.

The Bugs probably were not a real band. They were most likely a studio creation, that may have even been part of the film. As far as I know, this is there only release – and they are only featured on one side. The flipside is the original version of the theme song from the film.

If you any information about the band, please contact me.

Catalog number 7KCE-5000 on Columbia Records of Pakistan. No other information available.


Since this posting, I have been contacted by Jimmy Jumshade, who was the drummer of the band. Here’s what he had to say:

Thanks for writing and your research into that Era! Indeed those were the most fantastic days of Pakistan when Pakees were not over-dosing on Religion! We did make a couple of recordings at the only record Company then, I forget it’s name (HM something).

At that time the only 4/5 star Hotels in Pakistan (InterContinental) opened and they only exclusively engaged foreign bands, mainly from Italy. We were the first local band hired to perform at that chain.

We did instrumentals and also songs of that day. Mainly The Beatles, Rolling Stones, The Animals, Creedence Clearwater Revival, The Shadows, The Ventures, Tom Jones, Englebert Humperdink, Gerry & The Pacemakers, The Eagles and some Pakee folk songs / instrumentals.

You got the bands at that time right. There also were “THUNDERS”… Of course The Four Thoughts were very, very talented and popular, I saw several times, Benazir dancing to them at the famous Disco in Metropole Hotel. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto was one of our fans. So was Yahya Khan and his son. So was Marlon Brando who was thrilled at our performance, when he visited Pakistan…

The four members of “THE BUGS” were:

Farooq Fatah: Lead Guitar (Now in Toronto)

Ayaz Fatah: Rhythm Guitar (alive and well in Toronto)

Afzal Javeri: Bass Guitar (Who died about a decade ago)

Myself: Drummer (settled in Dallas, Texas)

Amazing time we had like Rock Stars. We also travelled to the music and art loving people of that time East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) where we were welcomed like heroes and we had the best time of our music days… We were good friends with late Waheed Murad and others of the film lndustry and all Pakistanis loved and enjoyed our “make-u-dance” music not only foreigners. We had a large following of Swedes, in Lahore. We also performed at Shahbagh Hotel, Flashman’s at Islamabad, Rawalpindi and Faletti’s in Lahore.



Well, guess what??!! “The BUGS” were for real!! I am one of the “BUGS”, The Drummer. We were the first true rock Band in pakistan if not the Sub-continent. Please e-mail me at if you wish. I clearly remember when we recorded this theme with sohail Rana. Regards…….JIMMY

Comment by Jimmy Jamshaid

Thats good news, I’m sure someone somewhere has recordings by
The Thunders, who were also a Rock Band of some repute

Comment by azim lakhani

Someone somewhere has the original tape and movie themes of the original group ‘The Thunders’, the group of its day, and one of the pioneers along with the other premier group The Bugs.

Comment by azim lakhani

Members of Thunders were:
Azim Lakhani (Led Guitar)
Shahid Habib (Rhythm guitar)
Ajmal Khan (Bass Guitar)
Azmut Butt (Drums/Lead Singer)
Anjum Karim/Sidney DeSouza (Drums also)

Comment by azim lakhani

My name is Ahsan I was the drummer of the band Panthers,

The Band
Norman Braganza, Lead Guitar: (Mississauga) still playing guitar and leans towards Rock blues.
Fasahat Hussein Syed, Keyboard (Chattanooga) still plays keys, sitar and tabla, presently has revived himself and has joined a fusion band.

Eric Fernandes Bass: Living in Canada.No contact

Ahsan Sajjad Drummer: living in California born again musician, guitar/ songwriter and leans towards folk blues.

Yes that was the most peaceful time that country had seen. Music basically kept the boys off the street and gave them a creative direction.
The first known recording that came out commercially was done by Sohail Rana of Shahbas Qalander with the Four Thoughts.
Bugs did a movie song composed by Sohail Rana.

The Panthers did their own version of Shahbas Qalander adding a sitar to the tune, released by EMI.
They then did a second release of East goes West. Doing the Ragas on Western Instruments.
They are also credited by being the first band that played on National TV twice.

Fasahat has the recording s of East Goes West if you need a version to play.

Comment by Ahsan Sajjad

Hey we remember the Bugs so well–they came to the then East Pakistan and groups of teen agers would swoon over them. A real rock group for us !!There were hordes of fans at the Jam Sessions they played to, at Hotel Shahbagh.Many of us still remember them–they become our friends. and of our families too and were welcomed to our homes.Hello everyone–where ever You are— You lifted our spirits !!!!!!

Comment by sharmeen

Dear Ahsan,

This is so fascinating! Was Norman Braganza anything to do with the Braganza Hotel in Lahore?

Comment by Suhayl Saadi

Just got the website link from Fasahat and I am still playing Keyboards and guitar here in Toronto.

Started with Fasahat back in 11968!


Comment by mir Tehseen Ali Khan

Hi.I was a close friend of Afzal javeri.Moved to US in 1978.we will sit in the park by nursery and listen to him play /.,our other friends were omar.texan.sabir. at the time we were like outcasts or renegades.Afzal will always be remembered.One of a kind.May God bless his soul.He was the life and soul of our circle.

Comment by asif rahman

Hi all my name is Shakeel. I had a band by the name of “Nuts & bolt” later changed to “Eternal gardens”. Yes, my friends ” Those were the days ” Karachi was swinging and peacefull. I knew the “Fateh” brother’s and their younger brother Mansoor, the last I heard of him was that he was living in Holland.
“Thunders” were also a very good Band. Azim Lakhani, lived a street behind my steet in block 2 PECHS. My Band played in various Jam sessions, Shows at Karachi Intercontinental, fashion shows for PIA & had a contract with Pakistan Navy, club at Dilawar.The drummer of Bugs Jimmy had a younger brother known as ” PeJi” I have no news where he is.

At present I am part of the rat race. though still enjoy all kinds of music.

Comment by shakeel

‘Eternal Gardens’… what a great name. This is fascinating! Did you know that there’s a guy named Misha who is researching this whole scene. I shall direct him here, if that’s okay; he may wish to get in touch. I have alluded briefly to the scene to which you allude in my recent novel, ‘Joseph’s Box’, part of which is set in Pakistan; one of the characters was part of that scene. I am very much influenced by those styles of music and thought.

Comment by Suhayl Saadi

Before I go any further let me tell you what ever Jimmy jumpshade has contributed is 100% correct. I would hang out hotels where they played. They were the “Beatles” of pakistan. Infact their base player “Javeri” was a left handed & used a bass guitar similar to the one that Paul used for the beatles. Infact their amplifiers wre ” VOX” as well.

Comment by shakeel

Suhayl Saadi, the Eternal garden came from
” Perfume Garden ” the famous erotic book. Our rythem guitarist ” Ayaz Manyar ” ( I beleive now in California ) objected to it due to his family.

Comment by shakeel

The “Eternal gardens” were the first or probebly the last who used the four letter word F..k you on Radio Pakistan Karachi. The Edward Carapierd, the presentator almost had a heart attach. The word was used in the “Rolling Stone” song ” mother’s little helper.

Comment by shakeel

“Misha” He/she can contact me. I consider myself to be the early poineers of pop/western music in Karachi. I cant say Pakistan as Karachi was the most hip city.

Comment by shakeel


Fasahat was with me in K’chi and just spoke to him in the US a few days ago.

Still playing my guitar and The Shadows tunes on it and the KeyBoard.

All the best.

from Tornonto.

Comment by m t ali khan

This is brilliant – crucial social, artistic and cultural history – I sense the music was super! It’s very important, in my view, that all of this gets wider currency. Did any of the musicians involved in the scene record rock songs, either privately or commercially? If so, there are a couple of record companies which seems to specialise in this area. Misha Maltsev is a guy, btw. He knows this thread – in fact, he directed me to it!

Comment by Suhayl Saadi

Dear Aazim Lakhani, yes I’ve often wonderede about that – who do you think might have such recordings? I think it’s crucial that they been compiled and made available.

Comment by Suhayl Saadi

Suhayl, YES the music was brilliant. The crowed was reseptive & knowlegible. Considering there was no access to western music. We were so advanced that when i came to London And wanted to rebuild my music collection. Some of the music specialy American bands people had not even heard of it. The shops had to order this music from catalogues.

Comment by shakeel

Who is this “Misha ” ?? Why would he be interested in the Music scene in Karachi ????

Comment by shakeel

Hi Shakeel, I’ve suggested to Misha that he reply to you on this thread.

Comment by Suhayl Saadi

Thanks Suhayal Saadi. I look forward to his/her contact.

Comment by shakeel

Dear Sir

I live in Islamabad, Pakistan. I just came across a web page which is
and I felt good to read that you happened to be the very first rock band of Pakistan.
The thing that most inspired me was that you mentioned in the website that your band performed in Hotel Shahbagh in Islamabad.
Since I almost daily pass by this hotel (which is closed for years now) and I feel good looking at it. I can only imagine that when this hotel happened to be the only hotel in islamabad and how grace ful that would have looked. I am attaching a snap of this place I took few days ago. This is how this place now looks like.
It doesn’t look good now. But since you have been in this hotel when you performed here, you may have remember the place in its good times.
For the cureousity I have tried my best to find any more information or any picture of this place of its good times but could’nt find anything accept for the page I mentioned above. This is the only thing I happened to find out about Hotel Shahbagh.
Do you remember this place?, Do you have any picture of the place?
I would be more then glad to hear from you.
Anyway, you may not have remember this place but atleast there is someone who have been to this hotel and I found him.

Comment by Kaokab

Kaokab, I dont know how old you are & if you had lived through those years. From your posting it seams not. My dear you had missed the most happening period in the history of Pakistan. There was another hotel in Murree on the Mall, where in the summer they use to have tea dances. I suppose the it does not exsist and has become a victom of the rel;gious freaks

Comment by shakeel

Hello, Yesmin. Your name rings a bell with me. Azim & his brother Amin Lakhani use to live a street behind where I lived in block II,PECHS. The Bugs & Thunders may both have played at the fashion show. My band “Perfume Gardens” also peformed at fashion shown organise by PIA . The main organisor was the wife of Hanif Mohammad the cricketer.

Comment by shakeel

Correcion above November 13, 2010 @1.49 pm.
” Eternal Garden” & not “Perfume garden”

Comment by shakeel

good stuff…I too am from St.Lawremce’s and left it in 1963.

Right now in Toronto myself – still playing the guitar with lots of people.

Would be nice if the others in Toronto can contact me – would be nice!

Comment by tehseen

Thanks for your posting. I use to live at 177/G block II. If you went to PECHS school/college you will remember MRs ,she later became the headmistress. I use to go out with a girl Ghazala Kazmi who went to PECHS & also lived in block II. I was more friendly with Azim’s elder brother. I knew Anjum Karim and his younger brother Ather Karim was also a friend. I now live in London.

Comment by shakeel

Hi again. I had many friends in Karachi university in the late 60’s & early 70’s, namely Fiza, Casper Bashir ( also had a sister Taheniat) Shagufta, Tunda.
Also opposite PECHS, lived two Burmese girls BibiGul & Nargis.

Anjum Karim did not live very from you on the way to Hillpark. He was the drummer in Thunders I do not know where Azim is, Amin is still in Karachi & use to see him on TV when we had the Lawyers fiasco in Pakistan

I know so much water has flown under the bridge. It would be nice to start some kind of forum or a facebook kind of sight for people of the bugone era.

Comment by shakeel

Sorry,should be read as “bygone era”

Comment by shakeel

Hi Yasmeen,
I been stressing my brain cells. There were two gillani families. Did you have a brother called Zubair ? I use to play cricket with him.

Another family was living few streets away from Azim Lakhani near “Waris manzil” .

Comment by shakeel

Thanks for your good wishes the same to you and your family.

Comment by shakeel


Azim is presently living in Houston,TX.
Jimmy of the Bugs lives in Dallas. I live in California (Drummer, Panthers). Jimmy and I are constantly in touch. Hope this helps.

Comment by Ahsan Sajjad

Nope….he was a Saddar kid and a very naturally talented musician

Comment by Ahsan Sajjad

Hi Yasmin,
He may not be on Facebook. But i think he is listed in the Houston Tel. Dir.I hung out with his brother Amin, and we played together for a while

Comment by Ahsan Sajjad

You will always be my friend .
in memory of my good friend Afzal javeri

Comment by asif rahman

Hi Asif, Thanks for posting. Do you have anythings buy the “Bugs” i.e. western music.
Indeed he will be missed, went to soon. What was connection with ” Bugs ” where did you live etc.

I am hoping to redicover & reignite some old friends from the bygone era.

Comment by shakeel

Can, anybody find recodings of the music of the bands mentioned above. I would love to have them to convince my non Pakistani friends how advance we were & not a fundamentaly maniac people as we have be portraid by the media etc. Come on guys do your bit for the mother Country.

Many thanks & regards to you all keep on rocking.

Comment by shakeel

I was a kid living in Dacca, Bangladesh (then – East Pakistan), in the late sixties and remember a gig of the Bugs at the new Intercon Hotel. The Bugs were great. They were Beatles look-a-like and play-a-like. Even the base guitarist was left-handed, just like Paul. The show they gave was really great. It must have been, since after so many years I still recall that impression.

Comment by Tadeusz Kubiak

We are making a documentary film about The Bugs and the rock music scene of the day!!

Watch the trailer at

This is a unique facet of social history that needs to be documented. Do you remember The Bugs? Would you like to share your memories on camera? Do you have photos, film footage, or other archival materials? We want to hear from you!

Email us at

Comment by Nicky Tavares

Brilliant! Can’t wait to see it!

Comment by Suhayl Saadi

Maybe you could try and get some funding out of the Foreign Ministry, via new Pakistan Ambassador to the USA, Sherry Rehman? The relationship can’t (or at least shouldn’t) all be about guns and death!! What about ‘soft power’?

Comment by Suhayl Saadi

Hi sharmeen;
I’m researching the 1960s in Dhaka for my dissertation –
i would love to hear more about the Bug visit to Dhaka – I wonder if you could email me with an address I could send a few questions to, or even chat on the phone about this fantastic time in Dhaka’s cultural past. My email is
Sam C

Comment by Sam C

Hi Ahsan,
Haven’t been in touch since 80’s when you used to visit me in Skokie/Chicago, We went to some blues clubs a few times on Lincoln ave!!
Some bad news, Sattar Haque (my brother) passed away on Feb 26th,2012, in Roanoke, Virginia.
I was trying to find some stuff for his kids when I stumbled on this site and saw your post! The picture posted on the site, is it us playing at Hotel Metropole…Can you name names in the Pic?
Pls get in touch…when did you move to California….I’m still in Chicago, moved to the City from Skokie.
Hope to hear from you Laddan!
Shahid Haque

Comment by Shahid Haque

Hi Jimmy,
Knew Khalid Fatah, they used to live in Mohammad Ali society (39-B) across from our home. You guys played at St.Joseph’s Fete, was it 1968?, don’t remember exactly, but remember “La Mamba” (Trini Lopez). I was in the group “Feathers”, later with “Black Pirates” (Aman Khan and Wamiq Saeed), Then with Bashir Baloch ( of Fore thoughts) we formed another group and played at Intercont, Lahore. Etc. a short stint with Ahsan (Panthers)… Remember Ivan Baba !! he used to play/sing indian/pakistani?
Where is Khalid these days?

Comment by Shahid Haque

We played at “”Flashman’s” Pindi in 1971; is it still there?

Comment by Shahid Haque

No post here for a while. Come on guys let us go a nostalgic trip !!!!. What is happening about the documentry being made by Jimmy Jamshed’s son ?

Comment by

Hey Ahsan
where R U & Where is Norman He used 2 B My neighbour in the same building saddar sommerset St pls send me jimmy’s Email your’s & Norman’s 2 wht abt Charlotte & Yasmin all my neighbours
pls Help me get in touch wid them & Also Aman Khan of the black Pirates I guess Now U Know Who I am

Comment by Tasneem Reunion

Hi! I am Noel Mendes, from Bangladesh. I remember seeing the Bugs at Shahbagh Hotel.Was a mind boggling bunch of musicians. I still recall the singing the Beatles”Ticket to Ride” perfect to the T. We were a group called the Lightnings, the first in Bangladesh formed in January 1995 at Chittagong. The members were Shakil, Farid Neo and Noel. All living and are now in their 60’s. Long live RnR, RnB and the Blues.

Comment by Noel G. Mendes

Yes, long life RnR, RnB,blues,jazz. hard Rock. ,

Comment by shakeel

Hey this forum is not active for a while. We must kick start it or do we have to wait for another twenty five years ?????

Comment by shakeel

I remember a guy called Shahid Habib. Met him at karachi university early 70’s… Was a nice guy …
Farida Jafery

Comment by Farida jafery-baig

Hi Farida,
I use hang around at the University & may have met you. Who did you use to hangout with ?

Comment by shakeel

Hi shakeel
I cant remember the names of the people i used to hang out with, but i knew casper , shagufta …

Comment by Farida jafery

Hi Farida,
This is great thst you knew Casper & Shagufta. Shagufta had brother, do you have any news of her ?

On my last visit to Karachi about 12 years I met Casper. She was very unwell & not even the1% of the vivacious personality that she use to carry. She was under heavy medication and what she told me was very disturbing i.e. what she had been through in her live.

Comment by shakeel

Very sad to hear that Casper was unwell. She was such a bubbly girl.
I have no news of Shagufta but will try and get in touch with one of our common friends.
Nice to hear from u

Comment by Farida jafery

Indeed, Casper was very bubbly & so grossly misunderstood in our society in those open & relatively liberal days of Karachi.

I could have never in my wildest dream imagine how life panned out for her. The family had a very tragic journey through life. Her sister who was one of the leading lawyer fighting for women’s right had died of very young and I could not make out anything about their mother.

I believe Shugufta is in Pakistan along with her brother who I think was called Subuk. Both of them were lovely people.



Comment by shakeel

So tragic, am quite shocked to hear about casper and her family. Like you said, life does sometime deal a very bad hand to wonderful people. I hope and pray that she finds peace within herself and finds happiness which she so deserves.

Comment by Farida jafery

I fear that she may not be alive. I hope I am wrong.

Comment by shakeel

No shes fine. A friend’s friend recently went to see her in karachi.. She is not well , maybe shaken and depressed but was alright. Her sister sadly passed away..
Who else did u know in karachi?

Comment by Farida jafery

Hi Farida,
It is a relief that she is alive and I just wish I could fly to her and give her a lending ear. We were extremely close as friends and can just feel her suffering now as I write this.

Last saw her some twelve years ago she was extremely down. I was extremely disturbed after seeing her and her state of mind haunted my duration of stay in Karachi.

I am sure that she has no one that she could share/off load her pain & suffering, talk to her and try to understand her suffering. I am not sure if there is professional help in Karachi without pumping her with chemicals.

I was from St Partick’s college however use to hang around at the University. Most people as you know have left Pakistan & I have lost contact with good few. However certain names comes to mind i.e. Irum whose father was a poet or writer, Irum lived near KDA area going towards the University he use to have a yellow colour MG sports car, Shaguta & her brother, Neseer Bhatti aka Toonda, Fiza who I recently met at a wedding in London, Khalid Dabeer, recently passed away, Saeed & his sister their father was the Iranian Ambassador in Pakistan.

I have feeling that I also knew you but cannot be sure.

Best regards


Comment by shakeel

Hi Shakeel,
I believe Fiza met Casper this summer, so if you are in touch with Fiza, she could probably give you the most recent update on how Casper is. I knew Erum and he had a friend who was always hanging out with him. A short very pale skinned guy. I think his name might be Arif, but not sure. I was from st josephs but later joined the university. There were a few very nice people around. I didnt know naseer bhatti when i was there , never spoke to him, but funny enough befriended him recently.
Do u remember Hina? She was Shaguftas friend.
Thanks for your prompt reply and will be in touch

Comment by Farida jafery

Hi Farida,
Erum was such nice guy. Not I did not recall his friend that you mention. Ahhhhhhhh good old St Josephs brings backs some stories.

Indeed there were some nice people. You will remember when the University brought the rule of boys & girls sitting some distance apart !!!!!!!!!!!

I met Fiza in London this august this year at a wedding and I did ask her about Casper or she is now known as Shazia, she informed me that she had no news of her, perhaps the wedding ambiance did not allow her to speak freely.

I do not recall Hina, but Shugufta I do recall as she was very sweet & had a wicked sense of humor.

Are you based in USA, Canada or UK ?,

Regards to & I would like to apologize to other users for hijacking this forum for our visit down the memory lane.

Comment by shakeel

Hi again Shakeel,
Yes, I too, feel a bit guilty about using this forum, however Im sure a few people do remember all these wonderful people .
I am in london.. Hardly anyone I knew remains in Karachi. A real shame as it was a wonderful vibrant city.

Comment by Farida jafery

Indeed it was a wonderful city and has gone into regression big time.

I am also in London.

Comment by shakeel

Whereabouts in london. Im in wimbledon?

Comment by Farida jafery

I am in Balham. Use to live in Wimbledon on Worple Road.

Comment by shakeel

What a coincidence! Im just off worple rd.!!!

Comment by Farida jafery

Indeed, it is a small world.

Comment by shakeel

Might have bumped into u shopping for spices in tooting!

Comment by Farida jafery


Comment by shakeel

Nobody else seems to use thisforum..!!

Comment by Farida jafery

This is very sad that no one is using this forum. I had been away & only you had logged in during this period ???

Comment by shakeel

Needs to be revived!

Comment by Farida jafery

If you are in London. Drop me an email at

Comment by shakeel

Can we have some chat here of our nostalgic days ? and connect long lost friends !!!!

Comment by shakeel

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