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Gab Coolson
May 8, 2010, 8:34 pm
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Zigidi Zagada (Part 1)

Zigidi Zagada (Part 2)

Somewhere, I put in my notes that Gab Coolson was from Zaïre – now know as the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Not sure where I got that tidbit.

Just about all of Pathé‘s African singles with this type of cover and red label – versus the generic sleeve and blue label singles, like the ones you see from Kenya and Rwanda – were from Zaire. Or at least, that is what I thought. Just after typing those words I received one from Benin and also saw that Fela had a few singles on the label, too. But this record raises more than a few questions. And that’s even before you put the thing on the turntable. It just doesn’t sound like anything I’ve heard from… Well, anywhere. The studio production, the wild fuzz, English vocals… Where did this thing come from? Mars?

If you have any information on Gab Coolson (AKA Gabb Coolson), please contact me or leave a comment.

Catalog number 2 C 006 15135 on EMI / Pathé, pressed in France. No release date listed.



I suppose a lot of these singles were recorded in Nigeria. I have found two Poly-Rythmo singles on Emi-Pathé Marconi check please : (
It would be very helpful if you could had the backing cover with the list of artists and tracks. It was a french serie but Poly-Rythmo never been in France till 2009.Bolingo has post about this serie 😦 And Diaspora records has a lot of records on this label. To be continued…

Comment by kahane

thanks you so much ! the Fingen Han is a real gem, the cover by the japanese is hilarious and this african one is tough funky !

Comment by Vilmo

Excellent…really loving this one.

Comment by icastico

amazing stuff here friend.
i just found you from a link a friend send me 2 years ago…and it seems that it was made to be
to find your existense.thanks again for the brilliant gems you have here…
i am pleased
all tha best

Comment by paranormale

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