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The Barbecues

Otswe ‘Nu

Polydor of Ghana, as far as I know, only released a handful singles. But just about all of those records are killer:

➣ Adam’s Apple • “Adiomi Owusu” / “See Sane”

➣ The Barbecues • “Otswe ‘Nu” / “Aya Lolo”

➣ The Big Beats • “Kyenkyema” / “Mi Nsumõõ Bo Dõnn

➣ The Big Beats • “Afro-Pride” / “Kwemo Nahi”

➣ Germaine Jourias & Wilkomen Dance Band (from Togo) • “Ave Maria” / “Dzobe Nyui Nawo”

The Psychedelic Aliens • “Blofonyobi Wo Atale” + “Hijacking” / “We’re Laughing” + “Extraordinary Woman”

➣ The Magic Aliens (what The Psychedelic Aliens changed their name to after a line up change) • “Gbe Keke Taoɔ” / “Gbomei Adesai”

➣ The Magic Aliens • “Homowo” / “Okpongo Ni Tsitsi Emo Le”

Segun Bucknor & His Revolution (from Nigeria) • “La La La” / “Poorman No Get Brother”

➣ Uppers International (which included members from Tall Emma & His Skippers) • “Dankasa” / “Neriba Lanchina”

Given that Polydor was somewhat of a major label, the fact that not many of these gems turn up is utterly baffling. I am guessing they must not have pressed up that many of these singles – which is a crime. The few that do see the light of day are usually pretty beat – like this copy. If Polydor of Ghana did put out any other records, I would love to hear them. If they’re anything like the ones listed above – they’re probably pretty amazing.

The A side to this single – “Aya Lolo” – as well as two tracks by The Big Beats and one by The Psychedelic Aliens can be found over at the legendary Voodoo Funk.

If you have any further information on The Barbecues or Polydor of Ghana, please contact me or leave a comment.

Catalog number PLD 2080105 1F on Polydor of Ghana. No other information available.

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Hi !

The only thing I can say about Polydor is that I own a copy of the:

➣ The Psychedelic Aliens • “Blofonyobi Wo Atale” + “Hijacking” / “We’re Laughing” + “Extraordinary Woman”

that have a white cover instead of the usual red one.

It is heavy cardboard screenprinted sleeve.

I don’t know if it’s some promotional copy…


Comment by Ogun Ferraille

I agree these are amazing tracks. I just discovered them on Spotify, where there is a remarkably deep library of Ghana highlife and Afro-Beat.

Comment by marc

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