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A. Aziz & The Addend Boys
July 13, 2012, 6:31 am
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Mera Yaar Bhadha Sharmila

Funny… The last single I bought from Malaysia also happened to be cover versions of Bollywood songs. But where as that single was note for note recreations – and all from the same film – A. Aziz & The Addend Boys have transformed their versions into garage rock gems. This track was originally recorded by Mohammed Rafi for the film “Milan Ki Raat“.

Unfortunately, there is zero information on the record sleeve or the record label. If you have any information on A. Aziz & The Addend Boys, please contact me or leave a comment.

Catalog number EP 018 on Rose Record. No further information available.


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Great song. Do you plan on compiling a second Bollywood comp of steel guitars? I have tracked down a few of the lps from the first one. I would love to hear more of S. Hazasingh and Van Shipley?

Comment by Paul

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