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Tafo Brothers

Sun We Bilori Akh

Bura Honda Juwariyan Da

I first came across the Tafo Brothers while working on the Pakistan • Folk and Pop Instrumentals 1966 – 1976 compilation. The master tape for The Blue Birds’ version of “Sun We Bilou Waliya” had been damaged. So, EMI Pakistan sent us the Tafo Brothers’ version instead.

The song “Bura Honda Juwariyan Da” can be found on the first volume of Finders Keepers‘ ‘Disposable Music’ series – The Tafo Brothers • Plugged In Pakistani Pops. Also, the song “Karye Pyar” (featuring Nahid Akhtar) – which was sampled by the Wu Tang Clan‘s Ghostface Killah on the track “Black Tequila” – can be found on the Sound of Wonder compilation. There are five more tracks by the Tafo Brothers on that compilation’s follow up – Life is Dance.

There are two albums of their versions of M. Ashraf tunes – Great Love Songs of M. Ashraf Volume 1 Instrumental and M. Ashraf at His Best Instrumental Volume 2 that you can find on most major online digital media outlets.

Lastly, there are a number of singles that have been uploaded over at the Hindustani Vinyl blog that are worth checking out.

If you have any information about the Tafo Brothers, please contact me or leave a comment.

Thanks to Milan Hulsing for his help on this post.

Catalog number EMCP-5023 on EMI Pakistan, released 1976.

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yes I think to myself …..what a wonderful blog

llevo tres meses enganchado radiodiffusion internasionaal !!!
espero ver pronto otra proxima entrega.

from barcelona with love.

Comment by carl...

I’ll be in just a few Barcelona in a few weeks. Any good record stores you could recommend?


Comment by Radiodiffusion

Hey, absolutely fantastic blog! Thank you!! Great work. And all the interresting background info. Stumbled over this blog when i did some research for some work for school about cambodian music. Is there a possibility that i can listen to the old radio shows? Would be great, thanx.

Greetings from Switzerland


Comment by Floo

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